REACT Investigative Services was established in 2007 by Senior Detective Vern Ahlo.

Mr. Ahlo has 28 years law enforcement experience in investigations with expertise in criminal and civil investigations, court prep and testimony. Mr. Ahlo was the lead investigator in: homicide, major assaults, robbery, theft, street gangs, organized crime and fraud cases. He has authored search warrants and wiretaps. Mr. Ahlo worked in many multi-agency task forces and was the lead investigator in many FBI task force cases as a Federal Task Force Officer. Mr Ahlo has testified as an expert in criminal and civil courts on many occasions and is very familiar and comfortable with the process.

Mr. Ahlo has networked throughout his career and understands the importance of teamwork, communication and most importantly humility and service.

Our hand picked team are an extension of Mr. Ahlo with the same drive and commitment.