Insurance: We work with a number of insurance companies conducting field investigations and interviews to gather the facts on confusing or questionable claims. In many cases we have bridged the communication gap between the insured and insurance company resulting in a better understanding of the claim.

Thefts: We have investigated internal thefts for businesses resulting in identifying the suspect, recovery of the property and settlement or prosecution.

Sexual Harassment/Hostile Work Environment: We have assisted businesses and victims of sexual harassment and/or hostile treatment in the workplace by conducting thorough, detailed investigations and collecting the evidence required for the legal process with positive results.

Loss Prevention: We have worked with retail businesses to develop a plan to protect their property from loss or theft. We’ve been able to reduce shrinkage and deter internal and external thefts.

Theft of Intellectual Property: We have run undercover operations to assist with the theft of intellectual property resulting in successful identification, arrest and criminal prosecution/conviction.

Backgrounds/Database Searches: We offer full background searches through numerous databases and resources including in person interviews when required. Our clients include: private persons, businesses, law firms and law enforcement.

Security Consulting: Using our experience and expertise, we offer security analysis and consultation to protect your business and/or property. Our clients include: Honda Motors, Kia Motors, Hyundai Motors, RPA and Muse Productions.

We offer a number of services so please feel free to contact us with your concern or problem. We love challenges and offer a creative approach.